Our Kansas City clients love us as much as Ft  Worth diabetes patients.

It’s a pleasure to be able to help people who need and deserve insurance coverage. Here’s a sample of what some of the people we’ve helped have said about us:

“I was turned down by my long-time life insurance carrier when I was diagnosed with diabetes.  I called Dan and he was able to secure $300,000 in life insurance for me.”Bob Tibbet, St.Louis, MO

“I applied to several life insurance companies for coverage, but was declined by everyone because I have diabetes.  In frustration, I went online to research other potential coverage.  That’s where I found Dan.  Because of him, I was able to finally secure coverage.”
Anita Dooley, San Diego, CA

“When I needed some additional coverage, I ran into some issues and couldn’t get it.  Thanks to Dan, I was able to find coverage in a reasonable amount of time AND at an affordable price.” 
Jane Ann Gorsky, Kansas City, MO

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Even if you’ve received a cancellation letter we can still help.

The Internet Insurance Network started helping people find good life insurance coverage at affordable prices in 1995 with the establishment of our first web page on the internet. Composed of life insurance professionals with expertise in a variety of different areas and backed-up by the best insurance agencies in the country, our network can help provide you with whatever coverage you might need.

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When shopping for or buying life insurance on the internet, be sure to follow these important tips: